Ike and the Giant Burrito Cover
Ike and the Giant Burrito

Genre: Children’s (K-1)

Illustrated By: Isaac Thomas

When Ike’s bedroom goes dark, the giants come out, but they’re no ordinary scary giants. Ike’s about to meet a giant of the culinary kind—a steaming bean burrito with a mean squint who intends to take Ike and his brother on a journey they won’t soon forget.

Ike and the Giant Burrito is written by Jessica E. Thomas, but inspired by six-year-old Isaac Thomas, whose imagination defies adult boundaries. The Giant Burrito began as a tale Isaac shared with his younger brother, and the story became legend after the overgrown, stuffed mexican tortilla made repeated nightly visits to their bedroom. Now enshrined in a book, the Giant Burrito can live on in the minds, hearts, and bedrooms of youngsters everywhere. And who knows…maybe someday he’ll bring presents.

About the Author

Jessica E. Thomas became fascinated with the somewhat strange and slightly askew at an early age while watching television shows like The Twilight Zone and Tales from the Darkside, and while reading literature such as Shel Silverstein’s Where the Sidewalk Ends.

She wrote her first poetry book at age eight and continued writing poetry throughout her tweens and teens, convinced it would prepare her to write the Great American Novel. In her early twenties, with English degree in hand, she entered the real world where the job of spinning a dull yarn was surprisingly underappreciated as well as undercompensated.

Determined to eat, she entered the professional world of Marketing in 1997 and later transitioned to Information Technology. Since 2001, she has worked in the pharmaceutical, student loan, and defense financing industries as a computer programmer, systems analyst, Web developer, and technical writer. Despite spending most of her time talking to computers, she continues to write for human audiences as well.