Running Backward Cover
Running Backward

Genre: Women’s Fiction

When Dulcie Brannam asks her cousin to stay for the week, she inadvertently invites her former high school boyfriend. But with her baby sister’s wedding just one week away, Dulcie doesn’t have time to worry about her surprise guest. She has bigger problems, including Sunday morning nursery duty, misdated wedding programs, and 10-dozen broken eggs.

Laid off from her marketing job and married to a workaholic worrier, it’s no wonder she’s nearly thirty and childless. With her dreams of motherhood in limbo, she’s an easy target for her old boyfriend’s flirtatious advances. Will his weeklong stay prove too long for her already strained marriage?

About the Author

Jessica E. Thomas wrote her first poetry book at age eight and continued writing poetry throughout her tweens and teens, convinced it would prepare her to write the Great American Novel. In her early twenties, with English degree in hand, she entered the real world where the job of spinning a dull yarn was surprisingly underappreciated as well as undercompensated.

Determined to eat, she entered the professional world of Marketing in 1997 and later transitioned to Information Technology. Since 2001, she has worked in the pharmaceutical, student loan, and defense financing industries as a computer programmer, systems analyst, Web developer, and technical writer. Despite spending most of her time talking to computers, she continues to write for human audiences as well.