Jessica E. Thomas

Science Fiction and Romance Author

Narrow Pathways

Genre: Science Fiction, Short Stories

The wide path is easier to follow, but the narrow path leads to greater rewards.

In this collection, Jessica E. Thomas explores the narrow path through seven science fiction stories and one present-day supernatural tale. Each story presents moral dilemmas that resonate well after the narrative ends.

Thomas’ characters demonstrate both strength and sensitivity as they forge through various ethical terrains related to cloning, genetic engineering, and spirituality. Along the way, Thomas provides a few humorous signposts because, even when the path is rocky, there is still joy in the journey.


Moon Dust Castles and Other Shorts

Genre: Science Fiction, Short Stories

Moon Dust Castles (and other shorts) is a short collection of short stories that promises short bursts of laughter and long guffaws.

Imbued with a fresh lack of profundity, doused in satire, and sprinkled with whimsy, these stories will gently offend end-times prophesiers, fantasy groupies, and anyone who thinks humans actually have a clue.

With bits of science fiction and romance in the mix, this collection offers a hearty taste of Jessica Thomas’ rich (and sometimes bitter) imagination.


This Quiet Tyranny

Genre: Science Fiction, Novel

In a near-future United States, the government guarantees access to food, healthcare, education, and employment so that all people may be assured their basic rights.

Laine Sutton is struggling to survive. As a faithful government employee, she’s earned a cinder block apartment, perpetual debt, and a host of addictions.

Boyd Doucleff makes his own rules. As a born and bred freedom fighter, he’s trained to restore the Republic at any cost, even if it means shedding innocent blood.

She’s his next target. He’s her only hope.

Both disillusioned. Both primed for truth.