Jessica E. Thomas

Writer of Romance and Other Stuff

This Quiet Tyranny 3D Cover

This Quiet Tyranny

Genre: Science Fiction/Dystopia

n a near-future United States, the government guarantees access to food, healthcare, education, and employment so that all people may be assured their basic rights.

Laine Sutton is struggling to survive. As a faithful government employee, she’s earned a cinder block apartment, perpetual debt, and a host of addictions.

Boyd Doucleff makes his own rules. As a born and bred freedom fighter, he’s trained to restore the Republic at any cost, even if it means shedding innocent blood.

She’s his next target.

He’s her only hope.

One man. One woman.

Both disillusioned.
Both primed for truth.

Moon Dust Castles 3D Cover

Moon Dust Castles and Other Shorts

Genre: Science Fiction/Short Stories

Moon Dust Castles (and other shorts) is a short collection of short stories that promises short bursts of laughter and long guffaws.

The cast of characters includes a drengle whose InstaVoice is on the fritz, a gnobbin determined to redeem his home country of Effnshrmrmr from the prevailing darkness, and a reality TV star intent on winning permanent lunar residency.

Imbued with a fresh lack of profundity, doused in satire, and sprinkled with whimsy, these stories will gently offend end-times prophesiers, fantasy groupies, and anyone who thinks humans actually have a clue.

With bits of science fiction and romance in the mix, this collection offers a hearty taste of Jessica Thomas’ rich (and sometimes bitter) imagination.

DeReConstruction Cover


Genre: Poetry

The poems in this collection were written between 1994 and 2000, the first poem inspired by an event that was the catalyst for my long, sometimes ugly, but necessary journey away from counterfeit gods to the one true God of the universe. They are in rough chronological order, although some have been shifted forward or backward for thematic purposes—a reminder that healing and growth are not always linear; however, when we choose to earnestly follow Jesus, we can be assured that, over the course of a lifetime, our trend will always be forward and up.


Ike and the Giant Burrito

Genre: Children’s/1st – 2nd Grade

When Ike’s bedroom goes dark, the giants come out, but they’re no ordinary scary giants. Ike’s about to meet a giant of the culinary kind–a steaming bean burrito with a mean squint who intends to take Ike and his brother on a journey they won’t soon forget. Ike and the Giant Burrito is written by Jessica E. Thomas, but inspired by six-year-old Isaac Thomas, whose imagination defies adult boundaries. The Giant Burrito began as a tale Isaac shared with his younger brother, and the story became legend after the overgrown, stuffed mexican tortilla made repeated nightly visits to their bedroom. Now enshrined in a book, the Giant Burrito can live on in the minds, hearts, and bedrooms of youngsters everywhere. And who knows…maybe someday he’ll bring presents.